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Amazing Front Driveways Make all The Difference

The driveway… regarded as one of the least important features of a property—yet it can transform your home from a five to a solid ten! It’s the face of your house so that means it needs to look absolutely immaculate. Luckily for you, here at Rhino, immaculate comes as second nature…and it just so happens to be that we fit the best imprinted concrete driveways in the North West!

So, if you’re one of those people who disregard your driveway, here’s some reasons why you shouldn’t…

You Don’t Get a Second Chance To Make First Impressions

Whether you’re inviting friends over for dinner or you have potential buyers making a visit, it is vital that you make the best first impression possible. A worn out front drive can give your property quite a rough look and can often downgrade the look of your home completely! You want to set the standards high straight from the off and what better way to do this other than Rhino’s concrete driveways?

Increased Value

Replacing an old knackered driveway with a brand new imprinted concrete driveway doesn’t only make your home look so much more appealing to the eye, but it also increases your home’s value up to 10%! So if or when you come to sell your property, it won’t take as long to get it gone and you’ll have a little extra to spend when looking for a new one.

Perfect Parking Place

The whole point of a driveway isn’t to make your home look nice (although it does a good job), they’re used as a place to park your car. Every single day you’ll walk up and down that driveway—sometimes even carrying the heavy shopping load. Broken driveways mean that the ground is unsteady because there are loads of broken pieces, this can result in you taking a tumble and potentially injuring yourself; you also run the risk of bursting your car tyres along the rigid ground. 

Flooded With Problems

In cases of severe, heavy rain, crumbled driveways are vulnerable to flooding because the water gets stuck in all the cracks and holes. This isn’t great for walking on nor is it good for driving on, but with Rhino’s imprinted concrete driveways, we can guarantee all the water will run off your drive and into the drains.

With over dozens of different styles and colours, you can be sure that we’ve got more than enough designs to fit perfectly with your property! For any enquiries please call us on 01772 671358 / 07921 866503 or email us at

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