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The Dawn of The Artificial Lawn

Deciding on whether to have artificial grass can be quite a difficult decision for some people because they don’t see the real benefits, just the price tag. However, artificial grass is definitely worth the money.

Maintenance Made Easy

I’m sure no-one enjoys cutting or watering the grass—it’s a chore that we hate, but we know it has to be done. However you can say goodbye to your lawnmower forever because artificial grass never grows, believe it or not! The days of having dried up, faded grass are over because artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, leaving your garden looking fresh all the time. You also never have to worry about the soil underneath being ruined because…well there isn’t any!

Environmentally Friendly

Adding fertilisers and pesticides to your lawn to achieve healthy grass may look good, however it does damage the environment. With artificial grass you can maintain healthy looking grass all year round without applying a single drop of any chemicals, giving you the best look with the least amount of damage to our world.

Money Saver

Many people see the price of artificial grass and turn their noses up at it, however you can end up actually saving money. For starters, you won’t need to buy a lawnmower, sprinklers or fertilisers. Plus, because there isn’t a need to water the lawn, you’ll save a few quid on your utility bill.


During the summer there’s nothing worse than seeing your grass dry out and become a horrible faded colour. Here at Rhino we supply high-grade artificial grass, giving a 10-year UV protection guarantee. So when the sun is shining in the summer, your grass won’t fade or wither one bit.

The Weeding Days Are Over

Spending hours pulling ugly plants from the ground for them to only grow back a few days later is something I’m certain everyone hates. With artificial grass, prepare to never waste your free time again as weeding is no longer an issue! Your grass stays the exact same way from the day you bought it with no little ugly weeds sprouting from the ground.

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