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Fibreglass: 21st Century Roofing

24 Sep, 2015 0 2am   ,

The biggest complaint we hear from customers is that their felt roof is leaking, or that it’s become naturally worn out over time. And what do we always suggest? It has to be fibreglass roofing! And here’s why:


Because there are no joints or seams with fibreglass roofing, that means water certainly won’t be breaking through into your home or business! Unlike regular felt roofing, particularly flat roofs, Cromar fibreglass is designed with the British weather in mind, keeping the rain on the out and leaving you bone dry.


Fibreglass roofing is well known to be tough, not only against the rain but against everything that’s thrown at it. One of the toughest and hardwearing materials around, it can also support a lot of weight, so your new roof won’t need replacing in a few short years. In fact, most of our fibreglass roof installations last a lifetime!


Rhino’s roofing is never one size fits all. We’ll make sure that your new roof matches your property perfectly—everything from the colour to the physical design. With our advice and guidance (and we’ve been in the business for more than 25 years) you’ll never go wrong.

Burglar Resistant

A big worry for some is unwanted guests and potential burglars scaling their properties. Luckily, fibreglass roofing from Rhino Building Solutions is extremely difficult to climb and, unlike flat felt roofs, it doesn’t contain any lead—a material that thieves are always on the lookout for.

Registered Installer

As Lancashire’s premiere roofer, Rhino is a registered installer of Cromar fibreglass roofing, so we can ensure you have a roof with that will look fantastic, won’t leak and won’t become damaged due to simple wear and tear. We use only the best materials and most experienced workmen, so you know you’re in good hands.

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