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Get a Garden Makeover from Rhino!

Rhino’s list of services is continually growing—we’re always finding new ways to spruce up a property and please our customers. Our imprinted concrete driveways have been getting such fantastic feedback that we thought we should branch out and offer the Rhino treatment to gardens around the northwest as well!

With the spring sun in full force and summer just around the corner, everyone’s itching to spend some time in the garden and take full advantage of the fleeting heat. Whether you fancy a barbecue, a tan session or a water pistol fight, you want to do those things in a garden that’s attractive and safe. A Rhino garden makeover can help you get the garden of your dreams so you don’t have to rush to a park for some greenery when there’s of a bit of sun appearing.

What are the benefits of a Rhino garden makeover?rhinogarden2

  • Rhino can revitalise the look of your garden using real turf or artificial grass, and talk you through the benefits of both to help you decide what is best for your space.
  • We only use high quality, affordable artificial grass that gives your property year-round greenness! Rhino mainly installs WHICH artificial grass that comes with a 10-year UV protection guarantee, but properly installed artificial grass is recognised the world over as one of the most durable garden treatments available.
  • Beautifying your garden could greatly increase the value of your property. If you were a potential buyer, wouldn’t you be impressed with a well-designed outdoor area?
  • Our artificial grass treatments require no cutting or maintenance and will last for years. Not only that, the material is non-toxic and pet friendly too.
  • Not got a green thumb? If gardening isn’t your favourite pastime, rest assured that artificial grass is easily cleaned with a quick rinse and brush every now and then. You’ll have no need to spray pesticides or spread fertiliser on your artificial lawn and you’ll save tonnes of water too!
  • Rhino isn’t a fan of artificial grass that looks fake. That’s why our fitting and installation standards are second-to-none. We ensure each seam is aligned and that your artificial grass is indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Contemporary or traditional, we have the knowhow to create a garden design to suit the feel and style of your property. Rhino also aims to keep the level of interruption an installation creates down to a minimum. Our treatments are surprisingly quick to roll out so call us for your estimate!
  • Rhino offers a full service garden makeover. Along with lawn care, we handle turfing, decking, stone working, concreting, paving, patio work, fences and so much more!

Our suggestions for what we could do for your garden are individually tailored to suit your requirements. Rhino works with you to design an outdoor space that’s practical and attractive, transforming your garden and patio areas no matter their initial condition. Whether you have ideas of what you’d like or would prefer some recommendations from our team, Rhino will work with you until you’re completely happy with your garden design.

Make your garden a paradise in the sun with a Rhino garden makeover. Contact us now to chat about what we could do for your garden and let us give you a 100% free quote!

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