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Why Make Home Improvements in Summer?

22 Aug, 2016 0 2am   ,

It’s that time of year again! The sun is shining (at least for today), we’ve got a bit of a breeze, the barbecues are smoking and you’ve booked some time off to spend with the kids over their school holidays. Rhino loves summer for starting a project, whether it’s a conservatory, driveway, roof or garden, but here’s why you should consider it a great stage to start updating your property.

Make the Sun Last

It’s no secret that a British summer is synonymous with fleeting sunshine. Installing a conservatory or orangery means you’ll have a specially designed space to enjoy the rays and also hide from those pesky showers. No need to keep putting out and putting away the deck furniture—just head to your new space whenever the mood strikes you.

A Bit More Space

Are you a social butterfly that likes having everyone over? A little extra space could make all the difference when you’re entertaining in the sun. We’ve already sung about the advantages of a conservatory, but have you considered a revamp of your garden and decking spaces? Redesigning your outdoor area could give you all the room you need without having to build a thing!

Double-Glazing Without the Wait

It takes a winter chill to remind some people that they need to update their windows. Rhino offers superior Veka-approved double-glazing solutions throughout the year. Don’t wait until the winter rush—call us about our uPVC windows, doors and porches and enjoy high quality double-glazing immediately. Not only that, you could save on energy costs too!

Sorted in Seconds

The summer months have a steady temperature pattern so work can often be done in a faster time than at any other point in the year. Spring showers and winter snow can have an impact on how long it takes to complete an improvement. Take advantage of the sun and book an installation when it could be a speedier job!

Rhino is the team to call if you’re looking to get work done on your property this summer. Take a look at our huge range of services and get in contact for your 100% free quote!

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