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How to Modernise Your Home in 3 Simple Steps

07 Jun, 2017 0 2am  

When people think about modernising their home, they always think it’s much harder than it actually is! Now don’t get us wrong, a house with all the state-of-the-art electrics, marble flooring and a swimming pool in the back garden will make your home more modern, but that’s not the only way! There are much cheaper and easier ways to give your home that modern twist…

Splash of Colour

One of the simplest, yet cheapest ways to revitalise your home is to include touches of bright colours throughout some rooms in the house, especially your kitchen! You can include these colours through lampshades, pillows, mugs, curtains or even tables and chairs. However when you’re doing this, it is crucial that you do not overuse the colour or else the effect will be ruined. It is also important that you stick to one colour per room; using multiple colours will make your home look like a nursery.

With Glass Comes Class

Rooms which are loaded with dark wood and high furniture tend to block out light, often leaving rooms looking dark and dull. However, adding just a touch of transparency to a room can completely transform it into a light, modern-styled space. Whether it’s a glass coffee table, a chandelier or whatever fits best within the room, it’s certain to do the trick!

Patterns Are in the Past

To achieve the sleekest, most elegant look, you want to avoid selecting furniture that has a patterned design. Instead we would recommend you use texture with mixed metals and differently shaped furniture to give you some design in the room. Using furniture covered in patterns can make your rooms look untidy and not very well presented, whereas solid colours combined with various textures show elegance and professionalism as well as that design element.

Even if you make just one of these changes to your home, we guarantee you’ll see a huge difference and the overall feel of your home will be much more pleasant…try it now!

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