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Rubber Roofing and uPVC: Winter Weather Warriors

Keeping warm in the harsh winter weather can be quite a hard challenge. No matter how many blankets you wrap yourself in, sometimes it’s just not enough. That’s why here at Rhino we provide everything your house needs to keep you all nice and toasty.

Rubber Roofing

Sick of that random draught coming into your house even when all the windows are closed? Well, draughts don’t just come in through your window, they also come through your roof. That’s why our Firestone Rubber Roofing is the perfect choice to keep the cold out.

Firestone Rubber Roofs are extremely long lasting and fully weather, UV and ozone resistant. No matter what the weather throws at our rubber roofs, we can guarantee your roof won’t move an inch. The beauty of Firestone Rubber Roofing is that no existing roofing needs to be removed!

uPVC Doors Have No Flaws

Heat in your home can also be lost through your doors as well as the roof. That’s why here at Rhino we provide top quality uPVC, double-glazed front doors, back doors and even patio doors with insulating foam centres so that heat and energy are retained more efficiently than ever.

Our uPVC doors have an extremely high resistance to weathering, rusting, warping and mould. They also have a 10-point locking system, making your home or business safe and secure!

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