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Cromar Fibreglass Roofing

Is your flat roof leaking, or beginning to suffer from serious wear and tear? Then it’s time to contact Rhino, Preston’s premier local roofing contractor.

Rhino Building Solutions is a registered installer of Cromar fibreglass roofing products, so you know that you’re in good hands. Whether you have a pitched or flat roof, Cromar fibreglass will put an end to leakages, repairs and constant maintenance. This fantastic material is completely waterproof and weatherproof–we install it with the unreliable British weather in mind. Come sun, rain, wind or hail, you can rest easy knowing your fibreglass roof will remain intact for decades due to its robust, durable membrane and specially modified UV-resistant polymer coating.

“Cromar fibreglass roofing will put an end to leakages, repairs and constant maintenance”

Fibreglass Roofing in Any Style, for Any Location

As a leading local roofer, Rhino Building Solutions will make sure your high-performance roofing is installed exactly where you need it. From your garage or flat-roof extension to your entire home or commercial property, you’ll be in good hands with Rhino.

We know that there’s not a single style that fits every property–that’s why we give you the choice of a variety of colours and designs to match the look you need, and our team of experts will even help you select a style. And rest assured, if you decide to redecorate or redesign at a later date, a fibreglass roof makes it easier than ever to extend or refurbish your property.

“Rhino Building Solutions is a registered installer of Cromar fibreglass roofing”

Keep unwanted visitors at bay

Rhino roofing has been thoroughly tested to the highest standards, so you can be as confident in your new roofing system as we are. What’s more, they’re tough, hard-wearing and weight-bearing, so you can easily adapt your new roof into a small roof garden or balcony. However, if you are concerned about unwanted visitors, Cromar fibreglass roofing remains the number one deterrent, as not only is it awkward to climb, unlike flat felt roofs, it contains no precious lead, a valuable asset to thieves.

If you want a roof that will last a lifetime, not just a few years, get in touch with Rhino Building Solutions today–the North West’s roofing specialist.