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Tapco Slate Roofing

Is your home or business too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Is your conservatory costing you more than it should in utility bills because your heating is escaping through the flimsy polycarbonate roof? Call Rhino on 07921 866503 to discover how Tapco Roofing can solve all these problems and more!

“Rhino slate roofing will make spending money on roof maintenance a thing of the past”

The benefits of the Tapco slate roofing system are twofold. The insulated warm roof forms the inner layer, locking heat inside your property while allowing the escape of any lingering moisture, preventing damp and mould problems in the future. Meanwhile, the Tapco slates form a durable and hardwearing outer barrier that will protect your home or business against the elements and keeping it warm all year round.

These state-of-the-art roof tiles are so reliable that it comes with a lifetime warranty! No longer will you need to fix or repair your roof if you install Tapco–quite simply, Rhino slate roofing will make spending money on roof maintenance a thing of the past.

But Tapco Roofing isn’t just durable, it looks great as well. These architectural roof tiles are designed to look just like slate or cedar wood, but they won’t become damaged or broken. All roofing tiles are pre-curved, impact resistant and protected against winds of up to 110mph, meaning you can put your faith in their design.

As an industry-leading local roofer for the North West, Rhino Building Solutions provides two styles of Tapco roof tile:


Slate roofing has always been popular due to its durability, attractive look and its ability to effectively protect homes and businesses around the UK. TapcoSlate is almost indistinguishable from regular slate, but with one key difference–it will enhance the performance of your roof tenfold due to its innovative design, refusing to break, chip or blister.

Available in a range of colour options, TapcoSlate gives you a classic look with modern roof protection. Each tile is UV stabilised so it will keep its colour for years to come.


TapcoShake brings with it all the advantages of a cedar roof system, but without the shortcomings.

This synthetic shake doesn’t require any maintenance, as it will not rot, crack or split as lesser roofs will. What’s more, where a classic cedar roof is a serious fire hazard, TapcoShake is protected with Class A* fire resistance, so you can finally take advantage of a beautiful wood-look roof without the worries that normally accompany it.

With a variety of colour variations, this groundbreaking new roof material looks just like the real thing.

If you would like to speak to the North West’s premiere roofing contractors about Tapco Roofing, please contact us today.