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The Wonders of uPVC

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Rhino Building Solutions is an industry-leading expert when it comes to uPVC windows, doors and porches. There are so many benefits of this fantastic material, that we include a full insurance-backed guarantee with all of our uPVC installations. And while it might be obvious to us just how great uPVC is, we want to make sure you’re clued in as well!

Low Maintenance

One of uPVC’s biggest advantages is just how little care and attention is needed to maintain it. uPVC is naturally resistant to moisture, so unlike wood or metals, it will never flake, rust, rot or fade, and you’ll rarely see a build-up of mould either. Once in a while, when you fancy cleaning your windows up, a simply wipe with a cloth should just about do it.

High Durability

Because of its resistance to rotting and warping, uPVC will last for many years, outliving other door, window and porch materials and then some! More often than not, once you have your uPVC windows and doors installed by Rhino Building Solutions, you won’t have to replace them again.

Enhanced Insulation

The combination of double glazed windows and uPVC frames is one of the best ways to insulate your home, reducing your monthly energy bills and saving you money. By keeping the heat in and the drafts out, you can save the planet as well as your wallet!

uPVC is Affordable

Not only is uPVC better quality and more robust than many other similar materials, it’s actually priced more keenly as well! Combine that with its energy saving capabilities, and the fact that you’re not going to be replacing it any time soon, and you’ve got yourself an extremely cost effective solution.

Superior Security

The build quality of Rhino’s uPVC windows and doors means that they’re incredibly difficult to damage or penetrate, ensuring that you and your family remain safe and secure. Rhino uPVC windows even come complete with a secure 8-point locking system, and our uPVC doors go one step further with their ultra-safe 10-point locking system.

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