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Simple Tips & Tricks for Winter Weatherproofing

We may already be in the throws of the colder season, but it’s never too late to make improvements to your home to increase your winter weatherproofing. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. There are plenty of simple DIY tasks you can complete that will make your home more cosy this Christmas, and save you a small fortune on your energy bills.

Check Your Energy Tariffs

Ok, this one may sound really simple, but can you honestly say you’ve reviewed your energy tariffs in the last 12 months? It’s worth a phone call to your provider or a visit to a price comparison website to check you’re getting the best deal and value for money – especially over the coming months when you will be using your gas, heating and electricity the most.

Ditch Draughty Front Doors

Stopping heat from leaking out of your property and cold air from penetrating your home is the aim of the game, and there’s no bigger culprit for energy loss than your front door. Here’s some simple winter weatherproofing fixes that could make all the difference:

  • Check for any draughts or water leaks around your front door, doorframe and porch. You can identify draughts simply by moving a candle over the seals; if the flame flickers then you know there’s a breeze getting in!
  • Seal the leaky spots with caulk or silicon.
  • Upgrade your letterbox to one with a draught excluder, improved seal, and internal flap to make it harder for the cold to creep in to your home.
  • Add a draught excluder to the bottom of your front door if this is a cold spot.

Say Goodbye to Leaky Windows

Your windows may be just as bad as your front door for draughts and leaks, so it’s worth following the same winter weatherproofing process as above for your window frames and seals. It’s also worth thinking about your soft furnishings and hanging thick curtains or blinds that will help retain your heat.

Insulate Your Insides: Cavity Walls and Loft Insulation

There have been lots of initiatives over the last few years to help low-income families install cavity wall and loft insulation, and like many people you may not have met the criteria. But did you know that some energy providers are now offering free boilers, cavity wall and loft insulation to anyone – regardless of income or whether you’re a customer of theirs! So before you write it off, it’s worth checking out this Money Saving Expert guide to free insulation and boilers.

Get Cosy for Christmas

If your front door, porch or windows have seen better days and are ready for an upgrade, the let Rhino Building Solutions help you choose and install brand new uPVC double-glazing and/or composite doors. It’s simpler and more affordable than you think, and best of all we can have everything fitted in time for Christmas! Call or contact us today for a free, no obligation quotation: 01772 671358 or 07921 866503.

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